Tana - Taomasina - Soanierana Ivongo

scan33Tana > Tamatave > Fenerive > Tana

From Tana via Lac Mantasoa, Moramanga, Anosibe An´Ala, Parc Analamazaotra and Mantadia (Lemur Indri) down to the east coast, Canal des Pangalanes, Tamatave, up the east coast to Fenerive Est, and then back again.

8 days, 1118 km (of that, 236 km on piste). Average distance covered per day: 140 km.

Day Route km total km Piste Treking
1. Tana > Lac Mantasoa > Moramanga 120 25  
  On our way out of town, through dense morning traffic, we realize that Tana is quite big as this may take us an hour. Then traffic can´t stop us anymore and we make good progress through the typical malagasy hill country. In Manjakandriana, we take a right turn to reach Lake Mantasoa after about 12 km of piste. This is a historical place, were the first industrial plants were set up in the 19th century, but were again destroyed later. We have a stroll around, then lunch and go on, back to the Route National using an alternativ piste. Just a bit later, we do a tour on foot in a protected forest, and see more animal and wildlife in a private parc. We reach Moramanga at sunset.
2. Moramanga - Anosibe An´Ala - Moramanga - Andasibe 165 140  
  This is the day for off-road enthusiasts as we go 70 km on a piste to Anosibe An´ala. Most impressive are the "Death Falls" after around 50km, were the river Manambolo forms cascades and the piste descends steeply as well. 20 km later, we reach Anosibe An´ala, where we have a meal, before we set off for the way back. Once we have reached Moramanga again, we go on as far as Andasibe, another 40 minutes on the road.
3. Reservat Analamazaotra & Parc National Mantadia 40 35 5 Std
  Today, we see wildlife in Analamazaotra, hopefully the famous Indris, but we will surely hear theirs astonishing cries. We will also pay a lot of attention to the unique flora. In the afternoon, after lunch, we use the bikes to go to see the neighbouring parc Mantadia, much bigger than Analamazaotra, around 18 km away, on a private piste, .
4. Andasibe > Brickaville > Ambila Lemaitso 108 18  
  We descend the highlands, however the countryside allways remains hilly. We reach Brickaville for lunch. Just behind this village, we take a piste to the right, that will bring us to the Canal des Pangalanes, an inland waterway, 600km long, after 15km of piste. A ferry should be there to take us over to the village Ambila Lemaitso. This village is situated on a small strip of land, just between the channel and the beach. Very pleasant place to stay or take a walk around.
5. Ambila Lemaitso > Tamatave 120 18  
  We go back to Brickaville, the same way we got here yesterday. Then the road quickly brings us to Tamatave, were we have time for a late lunch and a stroll through the town. For some, nightlife here may be of interest.
6. Tamatave > Fenerive Est 100    
  We leave the town to visit the zoological and botanical garden of Ivoloina, 11 km away. Before midday, we go on to Foulpointe for lunch and a dip in the sea. In the afternoon, on the Fenerive Est, our turning point. We stay in bungalows close to the beach, with lots of tropical vegetation around and go into town in the evening for excellent french food.
7. Fenerive Est > Tamatave 100    
  We spent the morning in Fenerive on the beach, to go back to Tamatave in the afternoon.
8. Tamatave > Tana 365    
  Today we drive all the way back to Tana, with late lunch in Moramanga.

People with lots of time can instead head south by turning left in Ranomafana to reach Mahanoro. They will be rolling on a newely remade road. In Mahanaro they have to find a boat travelling on the Canale de Pangalanes untill Mananjary. The boat trip is said to take 2.5 days, plus waiting time until its departure as there is no schedule. From Mananjary, you can follow details as laid out in the description about the tours Tana-Tuléar or Tuléar-Tana via est coast.