Our bikes

Our fleet consists of one Honda Transalp from 1987, one from 1995 and one from 1998. These are touring bikes with a 2-cylinder v-shaped engine, able to go off-road as well. The weight is around 205 kg for the Transalp, ready to go, with a load allowance of around 165 kg; thus, you can take a passenger along on main routes. The 87 bike has been, in 2015, reconstructed from parts, the engine received an overhowl.

If you want to rent more than three bikes, then we can get more from our collegue.

The bikes run at unreduced power of 50 hp, thus a drivers licence class A is required.

You can take along around 18 liters of gasoline, which will take you almost 300 km (at a fuel rate of 5 liters per 100 km); or if travelling on such terrain as dirt roads, will take you 200 km (at a fuel rate of 7 liters per 100 km). Filling up in Madagascar is at 3840 Ariary ~ 1.14 € (May 2017) for 95 octan unleaded gazoline.

All Transalps received new, oversized regulators. The bikes from 87 and 95 use newly designed cdi's from Werner Möhrle. The cdi in the 87 machine is set to ignite early, which works well with the 95 octan gasoline available here and gives the impression of improve horse power.

All bikes can carry givie boxes, either 21, 36 or 44 liters of volume  All bikes can carry top-cases in addition as well as tank bags, 7.5 or 22 litres.

All bikes have received in 2013 - 2015, new rear suspensions from Wilbers, especially configured for full charge. All have received a new painting, in shocking red.


SAM 0025 rs2 SAM 0246 rs2 SAM 0248 rs2