Equipment recommendations

We will not provide customers with the equipment pieces mentioned below, except on confirmed demand; otherwise, it is the customer's responsibility to bring them along. Hower, there are shops now in tana, providing what is needed.

It is compulsory to wear helmets, and most bikers do so, if not, they risk to get stopped by police. We have made good experience with a jet helm with large shield, which, however, is limited in offering security for the chin portion. But even with the helmet on, you have excellent peripheral vision, people can see your face when you talk to them, and ventilation is good even when it gets hot.

A motorbike jacket with removable lining is ideal for Madagascar. Most of the time you will not need the lining; however, in winter (june - july - august) in the highlands, when the sun is not shining, the lining will help to keep you warm. A thin shawl is necessary to keep your neck warm. Leather gloves are a good choice and usually need not be insulated, unless it rains. Hiking boots are okay for the bike and for taking treks into National Parks at the same time. We used to carry jeans, proper bike trousers will be too warm most of the time.

During the rainy season from November to April, depending on the region, you will most likely encounter rain. You should bring rain wear during this time to keep warm in the highlands on the bike. Rain is more likely to fall in the afternoon, so it is always a good idea to get a head start in the morning. The best solution is to drive toward the west and southwest, thereby leaving the main rain areas.