To enter Madagascar, foreigners must have a visa. The easiest way to get one is at the point of entry. You must present your passport (with at least 6 months validity remaining), return air ticket, and proof of sufficient funds for the planned trip, but no passport photos.The following visa fees will be reintroduced from 2016 onward:

80.000 A (ca 27€) for 1 month
100.000 A (ca 33€) for 2 months
140.000 A (ca 47€) for 3 months

The visas currently issued are valid for exactly the period between flight dates on the air ticket.

Alternatevely, visas can be applied for at a Malgache embassy or consulate and are valid for 3 months. You need an application form, which should be found on the embassy's web site, two passport-sized photographs, flight confirmation, and a return envelope with stamps good for a registered letter. This process is compulsary in the cases of non-tourist or renewable visas.

When leaving the country, no more air port tax/security charge is requested.